Jun 24, 2024

Gardeners share the best time to prune your rose bushes to make sure they bloom every year

GARDENING experts have revealed how to look after roses in the upcoming autumn season, including the best time to prune the bushes.

According to pros at Gardeners World, the main autumn jobs include tidying up, removing old blooms, as well as pruning, and the chillier months are also said to be a ''good time'' to plant new rose bushes.

To ensure your garden looks lush next summer, it's essential to snip off any shrivelled rose flowers - this will prevent nasty rot setting in.

If your rose produces good hips, the gurus advised to remove only the petals to help the hips continue developing.

Just as key is the next step - picking off and binning any remaining foliage on the ground that shows signs of disease, for instance mildew and rust.

The experts explained that these can carry over diseases from one year to the following - and infected leaves are also to be chucked away.

Autumn is a great time to to replant any rose bushes that are in the wrong position and don't be afraid to plant new ones - they'll have plenty of time to grow before winter sets in.

When it comes to pruning, the gurus advised to cut off any dead and damaged stems, whilst also ensuring to create an open-centred framework.

This little hack, they explained, will encourage air-flow throughout the plant, and the best time to do so is during autumn.

Whilst out in the garden, the plant pros urged to cut the stems of taller bush roses, as harsh winter winds can also loosen and damage the root system.

Where possible, they also recommended to cut the stems just above an outward-facing bud.

The winds can also destroy standard roses - to prevent this, you can thin out the heads, the pros said.


As we move into September, it's also time to autumn-proof your garden to tackle thunderstorms - and here's how.

Retailer Next revealed the ultimate guide to preparing your garden for the seasonal switch that's right around the corner.

Some of the key steps include giving your garden furniture an autumn spring clean, steam-cleaning your BBQ, feeding your lawn, as well as checking your plant pots to see if they're weatherproof.

The experts also advised to bringing in gardening lights to brighten the area as the days become shorter and darker.

“Outdoor lighting can bring a theatrical feel to any garden, it can also be done in an affordable and sustainable way by choosing to invest in solar powered lights.

“Garden lighting is also a clever way of drawing attention to some of the most exciting elements of your garden.”

Fairy lights can add a lot of warmth to a garden during the coldest seasons and the high street retailer offers a wide variety to pick from.

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